Saturday, 27 September 2014

Polly Morgan 'What Do Artists Do All Day?' - Review.

Polly Morgan is an artist who has a diverse taste when referring to art materials. When watching the video, ‘What Do Artists Do All Day?’ viewers have a clear insight into the process of Taxidermy and get to see Polly Morgan’s modern twist on taxidermy. Polly said, “I do think taxidermy appeals to people perhaps who don’t have time for conceptual art” but through saying this, she also likes to think of her work being conceptual. The video is thought-provoking and gathers people’s attention at the unique art Polly produces. There is a professional manner held from Polly and she remains very organised throughout the progression of creating her art. Everything is labelled enabling Polly to find the materials needed for specific projects. Collectors and curators internationally have been interested in Polly’s work. Polly also has a website  in which allows those who are interested in her work to buy sculptures and prints. In her sculpture collection I found ‘Sandcastles’ 2013, interesting (Below).

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