Thursday, 6 November 2014

Developing Film & Processing - Street Photography

Ilford HP5 - £5 per canister of film.
Equipment needed: A Tank, Central Column, Reel and Lid.
Use a coin or film retriever to take about 2 inches of your film out of the canister.
Cut the end straight so it won't get trapped on the reel. Use a loading room (light tight darkroom) to wind your film onto the reel. DO NOT take your film out of the canister in the light as this will expose your negatives to light.

One 35mm film = 300ml of each chemical.
  • 300ml of Developer/water = 150ml of Developer combined with150ml of Water (dilution of 1+1) . The temperate needs to be of 20º. The required amount of time for the developer - 13 minutes, agitate for 30 seconds when first poured into the tank with the roll of film. Then each minute, agitate for 10 seconds. After 13 minutes ,pour the developer into a bucket, (not down the sink, as the chemicals may block it).
  • 300ml of Stop - Agitate for 30 seconds, then pour the Stop chemical back into the container using a funnel.
  • 300ml Fix - 5 minutes, agitate for 30 seconds in the first minute then 10 seconds once every minute. Pour the Fix back into the container also using a funnel.
  • Finally wash away the chemicals with water, (container can be left for 20 minutes with a hose connected to a tap of cold running water) fill the container tank with water and agitate for around 10 seconds, do this about 15 - 20 times. Then on your final agitation add soap. (Make sure you wash away all the bubbles that are created with the soap).
  • Once the container is cleaned free of chemicals, the film full of your negatives (if successful) can be retrieved from the reel. Clip the heaviest weight clip to the bottom of your negatives and the lightest at the top. Hang to dry in the machine, you can use the dial to set the temperature and time you want your negatives to stay in for, or you can leave them to dry naturally.
  •  Once negatives have dried, cut then into strips with 6 frames on each. Place them neatly in a neg holder, avoid  directly touching the negatives. Once you have done so they are ready to be printed in the darkroom. 
Photo Shoot 1 - My Film Negatives

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