Thursday, 6 November 2014

Final Prints - Street Photography

The photographs below are the ones I have printed from my negatives, I couldn't decipher whether I wanted to have them as my final prints or not. Some of the prints here were too dark, but I have redone them and they have came out with better contrast. I have decided to not have these prints in my final 5, but there are still some I haven't scanned that I also decided I also liked but didn't make the final five. My final decision was to have the above photographic prints as my final pieces. I have also found a narrative throughout the final pieces. The narrative being, the old lady leaves the group of people that are in the darkness. The lady travels on through the rain and decides to cross over the Millennium Bridge, travelling from darkness to light. The photographs on the bridge are what I thought, could be the old lady's point of view and people are looking at her passing by. I have noticed a water mark on my prints and the framing is wrong on the ones I have scanned, but I have redone those prints again but haven't scanned them. The improved versions of my final prints will be in my print box.
The photographs I have here have been scanned from an Epson printer and were converted to JPEG's with 800 pixels. I was sure to follow the brief that stated to:

Provide scans of you finished work in the following formats

800 pixels long edge
High Quality JPEG (Level 10 or above)
Bit depth of 8 bits/channel

Printable TIFFs
Adobe 1998
Bit depth of 8 bits/channel

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