Thursday, 20 November 2014

Professional Studies - Photographic Genres

With the use of the websites, Creative Skillset, The Association of Photographers (AOP) and The British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP), I was able to search in fine detail photographic genres. The main genre I focussed on was, editorial photography.

On the Creative Skillset page, I was able to find out what goes into creating an editorial shot. I looked into the job roles of what an editorial assistant does and also the job roles of what an advertising and editorial photographer does. I have gathered that editorial photographs aren't used to advertise a product. Editorial photographs are used to illustrate and enhance a story or report. These types of photographs are widely used in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books and websites. Some work can be captured on location, but much is done in studios, using studio flash lighting and a variety of props and accessories e.g. food, furniture, engineering, cars or finance. The photographs are categorised into special areas, still life, portraiture and landscape etc. Editorial photographers produce images to accompany articles in newspapers, magazines, websites and chapters in books, also text in company brochures.

One aspect to focus on when capturing an editorial shot is, to think about where the photograph will go/where it will end up - magazines, newspapers etc. Moreover, the editorial photographer needs to think about the layout of magazines, leaving room for text and page headings. The photographs found in magazines aren't adverts, they are photographs that go along with the articles.

There are different categories captured within social photography such as, high street (studio), portraits, club photographers, photo booths, wedding photography, events, party's, family photography etc. A social photographer needs to be able to work alongside their clients with confidence. The location depends on what type of event the photographer attends. Many of social photographers are female, also 50% of photographers are making their business through this genre.

Photojournalism is mainly a photographer making photo essays and reporting with cameras. The work is mainly produced through publications and broadcasted to the public. The photographs are supporting evidence to an event. The photographer has to have a unique approach when photographing their surroundings, this is mainly down to other photojournalists may be at the same event. Photojournalism relates to documentary photography, this being through documenting a current situation through a narrative of photographs. In conjunction with photojournalism, there is also citizen journalism. Citizen journalism brings a sense of involvement to the public, allowing the public to become involved in helping document a situation. The member of the public photographing citizen journalism would then send their photographs to industry's such as news reports.  

Throughout architecture photography, there are different aspects to it. The stereotypical thought of architecture would be of buildings, but there are different focusses within this genre. The genre looks at man made detailed structures such as bridges, lampposts and interior detailed designs. Henry Talbert started capturing photographs of architecture in 1835 but never got out and published until 60's. Tilt shift lenses were used to capture the architecture, converging parallels.

Corporate photography looks at PR (public relations) images that support a brand. Stock photography, adverts, product placement, events, fashion. Fundamentally,  corporate photography involves anything with profit, endorsing a business.

Advertising photography is about the photographer being able to capture a photograph that will attract customers to the product and sell it. Ecommerce photography is used to professionally show off a product, and is mainly captured in the studio. Becoming an assistant photographer will allow the photographer to gain experience and understand the techniques involved with advertising photography. Assisting photographers can earn £10k. Fashion editorial photography links in with advertising photography along with still life - cars, perfume bottles etc.

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