Thursday, 6 November 2014

Street Photography - Contact Sheet Evaluations.

Photo shoot 1 - Hartlepool
From this roll of film I produced 4 Prints, I have underexposed the films when producing this contact sheet in the darkroom. The exposure time was around 4 - 5 seconds and clearly I needed around 7 seconds for the underexposed frames. The aperture I used on the lens was small, this let more light through when I was using the enlarger. I had captured this photo shoot in Hartlepool and I feel I was too far away from the subjects I was trying to capture.

Photo shoot 2 - Hartlepool/ Quayside Newcastle
I was able to produce 10 Prints from this photo shoot and had got slightly closer to the people that were my subject. I have overexposed the films when creating a contact sheet, around 3 - 4 seconds exposure would have been the most successful. I have captured the photographs on this film mostly in Hartlepool and the last six frames were captured in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Photo shoot 3 - Quayside Newcastle Upon Tyne (Millennium bridge) 
This was my most successful photo shoot and I have made around 16 prints in the darkroom. The exposure time for this film was 5 - 6 seconds and worked well. The aperture was small, this allowed more light through the enlarger lens. I find I was able to get closer to the people. I have captured this photo shoot on the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle Upon Tyne. There was a market on along the quayside, therefore I was able to capture photographs of people more easily as it was most busiest.

Photo shoot 4 - Stockton Market
This photo shoot was captured in Stockton, there was a market on, allowing me to capture photographs of the people attending. I have created around 4 prints in the darkroom from this photo shoot. In this photo shoot I have been able to get close to the people and also have them looking at my camera lens. Some of the photographs I developed came out overexposed, this was because I have kept the light on for too long. I should have exposed the film to light for around 3 seconds.

Photo shoot 5 -Stockton Market
This roll of film was captured in Stockton also. I have made around 4 prints from this roll, but I would have done more had I had enough of 24x30.5cm (9.5x12in) Ilford photographic paper. The exposure was around 5 seconds, but maybe a couple of seconds more would have been more successful.

Photo shoot 6 - Darlington
I have made around 3 prints from this roll of film. I have captured this photo shoot in Darlington, the weather was raining and cloudy. The weather allowed me to capture people when they had their umbrella's out. One of the successful photographs from this shoot was of an old lady pushing her shopping basket and wearing her hood to protect herself from the rain.
Photo shoot 7 - Stockton Market
When developing this film, I didn't use the developer right. I had developed two film in one, but I clearly didn't give this film enough time with the developer liquid. Minus the undeveloped frame on the film, I was able to print out some photographs.

Photo shoot 8 - Newcastle
This photo shoot I feel would have successful had the film not get trapped in camera. I did realise that it was my fault and not the camera's. When loading the film I had put it in too far causing the automatic winder to get trapped. I didn't make a contact sheet for this film as I had already exposed the film to light, this was because I didn't know if the film had wand it's self back in or not. I have kept part of the film for evidence, some of the photograph can been seen, but the rest has been exposed to light.
Photo shoot 9 - Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Street
This photo shoot was captured in Newcastle Upon Tyne along one of the busiest street in Newcastle, Northumberland Street. I have made around 2 prints from this photo shoot. The exposure time for this film should be around 2 seconds. I have overexposed the film by exposing it to light for 4 - 5 seconds.

Photo shoot 10 - Hartlepool
For my final roll of film I came back to where it all started, Hartlepool. This time around Hartlepool I was more confident. I have made around 2 prints from this photo shoot. Some of the film could have done with less exposure time, while other part of the film could have done with more.

Overall, I have been able to capture candid shot's of people in the street. I feel I have achieved what was required on the brief for Street Photography module. I did visit more places to capture Street photography, but the area's weren't as busy. I am happy with the photographs I have captured. I made sure not to waste any of the film by only pressing the shutter button when I felt the need to. I tried different angles, so with the camera on my face, others from the waist and some from a seated angle.

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