Thursday, 6 November 2014

Street Photography Research - Alfred Stieglitz

I have looked at some of the work Alfred Stieglitz has captured, one photograph resembles one of my photographs. Stieglitz captured their photograph on a dark night when it was raining, leaving the ground wet reflecting the lights the surroundings. I thought this photograph was successful, but when it comes to street photography, this photograph doesn't really fit into the category.

Book Scan: Alfred Stieglitz By Graham Clarke, Reflections, Night, 1896, Page 10

The photograph I have captured also features trees, just like the photograph Stieglitz has captured showing how the photographs resemble one another. The difference in my photograph is the time of day, I have captured my photograph when the lighting was bright almost causing the photograph to be overexposed if I had used a small aperture. I was sure to use a large aperture, this let less light through my lens causing the photograph to have the right exposure. Another difference in my photograph is that, I have captured people within the shot. Capturing people in the shot is what makes my photograph fit into the category of Street Photography.

My Photograph - Photo Shoot 1, Hartlepool

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