Friday, 7 November 2014

Street Photography Research - David Gibson

David Gibson is a photographer I have researched and throughout his photography I can't help but notice the patterns in particular photographs. I have looked at the photographs in the photo shoot Black & White Street. All of the photographs have a particular mood to them and I find that each and every photograph is different to the next. There is always something repetitive throughout Gibson's' photographs. Whether the photographer intended on having repetition throughout his photographs or not, I don't know. But I do know that there is always at least two of everything in his photographs, always creating a pattern within a photograph.

The arrows of the roundabout have created a pattern, also the builder standing inside of the arrows make the man look like he is lost, or trapped and my feel as though he is going in circles in his life.

Here is another representation of repetition throughout Gibson's photographs. There is a pattern of repetition caused by the shadows of the people that look like they are walking on stairs.

This photograph shows that there is always more than one person within the shot. Here we have five girls, all muddy and wearing a similar if not the same outfit.

The shoes, it's all about the shoes in this one. The pattern and repetition of an object in Gibson's photographs is created by the shoes. There is even a person in the photograph, nothing is seen but the person's shoes.

Seated, once again it's all about the chairs. This reminds me of musical chairs in a way, this is because there is not a chair where the person in the photograph has been captured at. The person in the photograph looks like they are walking away from the scene, the same way one would walk away when they are out in musical chairs.

This photograph provided evidence that Gibson always has at least two people per photograph. I find this photograph interesting in a way. It gives me the impression like it's trying to portray the subject in the photograph to be ancient. There are two old ladies, but also a dinosaur that went extinct thousands of years ago. Also the photograph has been captured beside the sea, maybe it's trying to portray the message that the sea will eat away at the earth, and human will become extinct also.

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