Thursday, 6 November 2014

Street Photography Research - Eve Arnold

When researching Street Photography I decided to not just look on websites but through books and found some interesting photographs. Eve Arnold’s People was one of the books I found of interest, he has captured people in different situations. The book to me makes sense and I can understand the narrative running throughout the book. The book also features Marilyn Monroe and photographs of the people at the queens Jubilee.

Book Scan: Eve Arnold's People:
Self Portrait, 42nd Street, New York, 1950. Part One 1948 - 1960, Page 19

Arnold has captured a photograph of herself in a window; she has been able to capture the street as well as herself. I also have captured a photograph using reflections in windows; I was also able to capture the people inside of a café window as well as the people walking by the café.

Book Scan: Eve Arnold's People

Book Scan: Eve Arnold's People

One photograph Arnold’s has captured of a lady very well, the sitters facial expression in the photograph shows how she was feeling at the time. The lady in the photograph looks distressed and troubled within the photograph. I have also captured photographs of people in the street that seemed unalarmed that I have captured a photograph of them, because their current situation and state of mind has been focussed on something of more importance.

Book Scan: Eve Arnold's People
Book Scan: Eve Arnold's People
During the course of looking through Eve Arnold’s book, I have noticed she has captured photographs of a range of people, Young to old. I find this intriguing that as the book goes on, the people Arnold’s has photographed get older too. Throughout my own photography I have tried to capture a range of different people from all walks of life. I have also been able to capture a good ration of young and old people throughout my photographs. 

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