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Professional Studies - Faking It: Radiographer to Fashion Photographer.

On Friday 7th November in professional studies we watched  Season 4, Episode 8 of a programme called, Faking It: Radiographer to Fashion Photographer on Channel 4. The programme shows David Keith NHS Radiographer, attempt to fake his profession into being a London fashion photographer in only 4 weeks.

Stuart Weston

Though the programme was filmed in 13 November 2002 (12 years ago), there are still the same techniques used when shooting in the studio. David's mentor is Stuart Weston, a professional fashion photographer and teaches him how to become a photographer. Radiographer David has to get used to using the equipment, working with models and also why he has a team of helpers (make - up artist, stylist, hairdresser etc.) on hand. Also, along with learning about how to use a camera for the first time,(he usually gets his friends to send him photographs...from his own holiday) he also has to find what type of style he likes through plenty of research.  

When watching how David worked with the models for the first time, the lack of energy was evident in his photographs and his mentor Stuart was not best pleased. As the programme progresses, David is shown how to take charge and grow his confidence, this is through being coached by a model. When watching this, I realised that fashion photographers need to have confidence in what they are doing and overall be a rounded, charismatic person in order to capture the overall shot. To help David with his confidence, the team decide to give him a make over changing his fashion and hairstyle in order to 'look like' a photographer.

Stuart Weston

Finally, after David has practiced in the studio, he is then entered into a competition with three other 'real' photographers. A curator, an agent and a photographer are the three judges in the show. The contestants are then watched how they work in the studio alongside their entourage. Out of the shoot, two final prints need to be made and shown to the judges along with an interview about how the contestants are as a photographer. Among the professional photographers, David didn't win, however he wasn't spotted as being 'fake' but the 'professional' photographers were.

Overall, I have learned that the photographer needs to have energy when capturing photographs with the models. Being confident is key and will allow success to be shown throughout the photographs.

Questions asked after watching Faking It:

Who commissions fashion photography?
Magazines, designers, brands, jewellery, cosmetics, advertising.

Agency who employs fashion photography, plus direct.

Equipment based, studio's.

Routes into profession?

Camera, flash, lights, backdrop, tri pod, reflectors.

Models, make - up artists, stylists, hair.

Influences and styles?
Art, books, internet, magazines, renaissance.

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