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Seven Photographs That Changed Fashion - Rankin

On Wed 19th November we watched Seven Photographs That Changed Fashion on BBC Four. The episode shows British portrait and fashion photographer, John Rankin Waddell aka Rankin, trying to recreate seven famous fashion photograph of the recent decades. The artists he looked at, he felt has changed the fashion industry. The photographers he looked at were, Cecil Neaton,Erwin Blumenfeld, Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Helmut Newton, Guy Bordin and Herb Ritts.

Cecil Beaton

Hat Box, 1934
Back in 1930 photographer Cecil Beaton captured a photograph of model Elsa Schiaparelli with her head peaking out of a hat box. This was one of the first photographs out of seven that Rankin decided to recreate. The model who recreated this image was model/musician Sophie Ellis Bexter. When watching this, I could see the model beginning to grow frustrated with waiting for Rankin and co to get started. In the original photograph there is more emotion to it, since it was the original and first of it's kind.

Erwin Blumenfeld

1950 Vogue Cover
In 1950 model Jean Patchett posed for the cover of Vogue magazine, the model who recreated this for Rankin was Heidi Klum. With the recreated version, Rankin has left the nostrils of the nose in and also Heidi has her tongue out. The modern version I feels let's the sitters personality show through.

Richard Avedon

Dovima With Elephants
In 1955, Dorothy Horan (Dovima) posed with two elephants for Avedon. Rankin had Erin O'Connor be the model to recreate the shot. Rankin has left his photograph in colour but Avedon had captured his in black and white. When the photographs are compared to one another, I notice the elephants are tied up with chains and want to almost break free from them. In Rankin's the elephants seem more comfortable, also the lighting in Rankin's is more of a spot light.

David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton Vogue 1963
In 1960 Bailey captured a photograph of his lover, model Jean Shrimpton. The photograph captures model Jean well, highlighting her features. The photographs not only included the models side profile, but also her back, hands and arms. Rankin recreated this photograph with his girlfriend Tuuli and gave the work a more modernised look.

Helmut Newton

Rue Aubriot Vogue 1975
In Paris 1975, Newton captured a model on the street Rue Aubroit Vogue. Rankin decided to go to the same location and recreate the shoot with model Jade Parfitt. The shoot is very successful as Rankin has been able to access the exact location the photo shoot was originally captured on. 

Guy Bourdin

1970, Bourdin
In 1970, Bourdin captured a photograph of a model against a pink wall. Rankin has recreated the shot against a pink wall also. The model in Rankin's shoot is wearing different clothing and looks more serious, whereas in Bourdin's the model looks more fresh faced and natural.

Herb Ritts
Fred With Tyres

In 1984 Ritts captured a photograph of a male modelling jeans. Rankin has recreated this photograph with model David Gandy. The photograph Rankin has captured works well and looks natural. He has been able to have the lighting hit the sitter at the same point as the original.

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