Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Studio Portrait - Photo shoot 1 Evaluation

For my first photo shoot I have captured photographs of my sisters, inspired by David Bailey. I looked at the poses the models were doing, as well as what they were wearing and facial expression.  

I captured the photographs with a Hasselblad camera and tethered it up to Capture One. Tethering the camera allowing me to see what I have captured on the computer screen, rather than looking at the small screen on the back of the camera.  

Here is a lighting diagram I created:

I used this lighting set up in the studio, but sometimes there was a shadow created by the sitters in the background. I think that I should have removed the 'barn doors' lighting and just kept the beauty dish and the snoot.

Below is the contact Sheet from my first photo shoot in the studio. I didn't have a grey card, so I change the settings in Capture One by hand. The ones I have circled in green are the ones that were successful from this photo shoot. The photographs crossed out in red were the least successful, this was a photograph through lace material. The lace material was too thick, therefore the sitters face couldn't be seen, resulting in an unsuccessful photograph.

Photo shoot 1 - Contact Sheet

 Photographs from the shoot:


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