Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Studio Portrait - Photo Shoot 2 Evaluation

For my second photo shoot, I decided to mainly focus on the technical set up, being the lighting. The sitter of the photo shoot was Caroline, my class mate and I captured her using the Phase One camera. I didn't use a tripod, but in my fist photo shoot I did use a tripod with the Hasselblad. I found the Phase One camera was easier to use, but it was also heavy to handle.

For the lighting, I used a beauty dish from the right angling onto the sitter. I also used a snoot that would give a halo effect to the sitter, the snoot was used to direct the lighting only onto the backdrop. I found this set up the most successful.

Here is the lighting set up I used for the photo shoot:

Below is the contact sheet from the photo shoot, the sitter was sat on a stool that can be seen in one of the photographs. I had the sitter change the positioning of their head to see what angles would be the most successful.

Contact Sheet - Photo Shoot 2
Overall, I found that capturing photographs portrait/vertical rather than horizontal was the most successful. I have also changed the photograph to a black and white monochrome effect in Capture One. As the sitter was wearing different tones of grey, I found changing the complete photograph to black and white worked well.
Photograph from Shoot 2, Caroline in Black and White

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