Friday, 12 December 2014

The Studio Portrait - Photo Shoot 4 Evaluation/Research

I was inspired by a number of photographers when I captured this photo shoot. One of the photographers being Edward Steichen, from Steichen's work I looked at the photographs of the lady's wearing only black. One of the photographs I was mainly inspired by was the one of the lady on the chair that is draped in a blanket and is looking away from the camera. I tried to recreate this look with my sitter and ended up trying different shots, with the sitter leaving her hair down her back.

I was able to focus more on the sitters hair and face, rather than the viewer being drawn away by what the sitter is wearing. Using this idea, I may add different things such as face lace to the sitters face to make it link in with the veil fabric.
I also decided to look at Nicholas Nixon who has been photographing the Brown sisters every year since 1975. He has shot forty portraits of them in forty years, the reason I looked at this was because of my sisters. With this photographer I was inspired by his work and how he lets the sitter stand wherever they feel comfortable standing in that year. The portraits were in fact of Nicholas' wife and her sisters. Over the years you can see which sister is happier with the other, by who they stand closest to.

Nicholas Nixon (American, b. 1947). The Brown Sisters. 2010. Gelatin silver print, 17 15/16 x 22 1/2" (45.5 x 57.1 cm). The Family of Man Fund. © 2014 Nicholas Nixon
This was the lighting set up that I used for a bit, but then changed by adding a reflector between the two lightings and directing the barn door lighting to the backdrop. I used the soft box on the sitters. 


These were the contact sheets from the shoot, I captured photographs of both of my younger sisters. I captured photographs of them separately, then captured them together to show relationships within my photographs.  

Photo Shoot 4 - Contact Sheet

Photo Shoot 4 - Contact Sheet

Photo Shoot 4 - Contact Sheet

Photo Shoot 4 - Contact Sheet

Photo Shoot 4 - Contact Sheet
The photographs that I like from this shoot are mainly the ones where I'm focussed more on the hair.

Photographs from this shoot:

This photograph was inspired by David Bailey's, that I have previously blogged about.

This photograph was experimentation, I wanted to see what creative angles I could ask my sitters to achieve. I have also changed the colour to black and white and also left one in colour to see the difference it makes.

Overall, the photo shoot have helped me to decide on what angles work best against the lighting. I'm going to capture a photo shoot just like this one, but I'm going to add face lace and a veil. I will use the beauty dish and lighting on the background just like I did with shoot 3 with the veil.

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