Friday, 12 December 2014

The Studio Portrait Research - Dazed and Confused Magazine

Scan: Dazed and Confused Magazine, page 15,
The lighting in this photograph was what was interesting to me most, I like the way the contrast is. On one side there is lighting, then there is a dark side created by the sitters shadow. The lighting comes from the right and shines onto the sitter.

Hailee Steinfeld - Dazed and Confused Magazine, Page 21, Miu Miu Eyewear, by Bruce Weber, (2011)

Even though this photograph was shot in 2011, I like that it looks old fashioned and the stylists were able to create a vintage look. What I like most is the angle and how close the photographer has been able to capture the sitter. The photograph has also been lit well and I think the key  lighting coming from the right side, this is also influenced by where the shadows are.
From photo shoot 4, I have also captured a more modern day look with the sitter wearing sunglasses and her hair tied back. I was inspired by Terry Richardson's photograph of Lady Gaga with the black sunglasses on, I have previously blogged about this photographer also. The difference is, that I used a black background rather than a white background like Richardson did.

My Photography - Photo Shoot 4
Overall, I have looked through Dazed and Confused magazine and found some photographs that go with advertisements, that are used to sell clothing and brands.

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