Friday, 12 December 2014

The Studio Portrait Research - Dazed and Confused Magazine 1998

Confused and Dazed Magazine, March 1998

The lighting in the cover photograph looks as though it is coming from the right and maybe a reflector was used to give less shadow on the left side of the sitters face.
Dazed and Confused Magazine, Page 9, Missoni
Although the framing of the photograph seems to be slightly off, I feel like this works for this photograph. I have also captured photographs that are purposely off framing and I feel like for that shot that It worked. There looks like there was key lighting from the left side and also lighting from the right and with the shine in the sitters hair I would say a light is coming from above also. 

Dazed and Confused Magazine, Page 76, Photography Mike Thomas & Doran Deazon

Dazed and Confused Magazine, Page 85, Photographer Mike Thomas & Doran Deazon

In these photographs, I focussed mainly on the hair. I have captured similar photographs with the sitters hair blowing (Photo Shoot 4). The hair has been purposely edited to a double page spread.  The lighting of the photographs mainly comes from the left, although lighting could have also been used from straight in front of the sitter.

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