Friday, 12 December 2014

The Studio Portrait Research - ID Magazine

For more research into portraiture, I looked at ID Magazine, Issue No. 174 UP. Throughout the magazine I found a lot of interesting photographs.

Cover Star Alek Wek, Photographer Mark Mattock, April 1998

The key lighting in this photograph is straight in front of the sitter, there also looks like there has been a blue tinted lighting used that illuminates the chin and lips of the sitter. The photographs is well framed and captured the sitter copying the logo with a wink face.
Calvin Klein Ad
This photograph I found advertised Calvin Klein perfume. The lighting looks like it was from both the left and the right. The composition of the photograph has been captured from a three quarter length shot. The sitter in the photograph looks natural and they also look like they are enjoying themselves. 

ID Magazine Issue 174 UP, Page 37

The lighting in this photograph looks like it was aimed mainly at the sitter collar bones and shoulders. The lighting looks soft and maybe a soft box or beauty dish was used for this effect.

ID Magazine, Page 84
I like the style of the sitter in this photograph, they have a fierce look on their face. Also this is an advertorial shot representing a company. The key lighting looks like it comes from the left side, also I think there is lighting coming from above the sitter. 

ID Magazine, Page 133
In this photograph, I am mainly drawn to the sitter hair, I feel like that's what the photographer wanted the viewer to focus on. The photographer has framed the photograph for the sitter hair to all be in the shot.

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