Friday, 5 December 2014

The Studio Portrait Research - Platon

When researching Platon, I noticed he mainly focusses on the male portrait. The photographs are the standard close up, straight on black and white portraits. The photographer has captured successful, powerful, famous men and uses the lighting to enhance that.

On I found a range of photographs by Platon that also includes, President Barack Obama.

American President Barack Obama By Platon

The two photographs above are the ones by Platon that interested me most. I think it was the use of the black and white effect. The photographs have been shot on a plain white background. The sitter in the photograph has a 3D effect due to the way the lighting allows shadows as well as highlights. By looking into the sitters eyes I could see the lighting mainly comes from above, giving direct lighting over the sitters.

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin By Platon  
The angle in the photograph of Russia's president has been captured from a low angle, giving the sitter in the photograph a powerful look. The lighting in the photograph also screams that the man in the photograph hold success and power. I can tell that the backdrop has been lit with a light that could be behind the sitter. Also the key lighting has been used directly on the sitter. Putin looks to be sitting down in this photograph and he sits with his head held high looking down at the viewer. His arms are relaxed and almost takes up the whole frame, showing that the sitter feel confident in what they do.

From this photographer I am inspired to try out different angles to give the viewer a different perspective of the sitter. From a low angle I will be able to make the sitter have a powerful look. From a close straight on angle, I may make the sitter have a more edgy look depending on what facial expression I ask the sitter to do. Overall, Platon's black and white photographs have been my favourite.

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