Friday, 5 December 2014

The Studio Portrait Research - Steve Pyke

I feel like in Steve Pyke's portrait photographs he has told the sitter to do something, so that he could capture the personality of the sitter. Maybe throughout capturing the photographs, the photographer has said something and quickly captured the shot without the sitter being ready, truly capturing the moment. Pyke has captured a range of people from different age demographics and walks of life. The photographs are mainly close up and shot in black and white.

Victoria Wood, Given by Steve Pyke, 1994
Nancy Pelosi, minutes before she heard the news she had made Speaker of the House, 2006 © Steve Pyke
Norman Mailer Steve Pyke Gelatin silver print, 2007

Lola Rae May 3 2012

Overall, I think that this photographer has captured the sitters well. The monochrome effect in the photograph give the pictures a successful look. The lighting I have noticed all comes from the left and slightly lights up the background, casting a slight shadow on the backdrop.

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