Friday, 5 December 2014

The Studio Portrait Research - Tim Walker

I've noticed with Tim Walker's photographs that they are usually colourful with adder props with the models and close up shots. The portraits are all captured differently, none are exactly the same as the next.

In this photograph of Vivienne Westwood, Walker has added flowers to the photo shoot and focussed on a red, yellow green colour scheme. The lighting looks as though it comes from the left, the same direction that the sitter is looking in. The lighting also illuminates the background, as there must be a light shining on the backdrop, this also gives the sitter a halo effect.

Again the photographer has used the flowers as props in this photograph. The lighting looks natural, but I think a studio light was used above the sitter and from the left side.

Lily Cole photographed by Tim Walker in 2005

Walker has focussed on using a colour scheme of blue and grey tones. There is lighting on the backdrop that is coming from the left, also the key lighting looks as though it is coming from the left.

Fashion shoot by Tim Walker

By Tim Walker
Overall, I find that this photographer has had good ideas with each and every photo shoot. I like the fact that there is a colour scheme going on within each photograph and that the sitter matches with whatever props are used. I am inspired by this photographers work and may experiment with adding props of colour in the shot. 

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