Friday, 12 December 2014

Tom Wood 'What Do Artists Do All Day?' - Review.

On Friday 24th October, we watched Tom Wood 'What Do Artists Do All Day?' BBC Four, Part 1.

Tom Wood is a photographer that has been taking pictures for over 40 years, with most of his best work being of Liverpool and Merseyside. Kids on the street began to know him and he became know as 'photo man'. With most of his photographs being captured in Liverpool and Merseyside, I would have thought he was from those area's, but he was born in Mayo in the west of Ireland. Wood has returned to back to Ireland to finish work on a book about landscapes.

'Not Miss New Brighton', 1978/79
Watching Wood having an instinct to want to take a mans photograph as soon as an old man walked through the door, was something I found myself doing when looking at Street Photography. The old man he get's talking to was 98 years old but Wood thought he was around 70 years, when talking to him Wood quickly snaps a shot of him. Wood talks about how when he went to take pictures at the shipyard the men would say 'don't take pictures of me' and says he went there for nearly two years for two days a week and that no one paid him to do it.
Mad Max, 1993

He began capturing photographs 1978 for over 20 years. From 1989 Wood decided to capture photographs in colour. He says "Once you start thinking about it's gone" when talking about capturing candid photographs.

He finds fascination out of the usual everyday things we see and converts it into a piece of art through a photograph.

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