Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Studio Portrait - Photo Shoot 5 Evaluation

When capturing this photo shoot, I decided to look at my past photo shoots. My third photo shoot was successful due to my idea for the sitter to be wearing a veil. For this photo shoot I had the sitters wear eye masks as well as a veil. I played around, having the sitter wear different eye masks as well as with and without the veil. I decided with the lighting to use a similar set up as I did in photo shoot 3. I had used a beauty dish to light up the sitters face wearing the face lace materials and for the background, a soft box was used. Throughout the photo shoot I decided to turn off the background lighting and just keep the key lighting, being the beauty dish.  

The lighting set up for this photo shoot:

Studio Set Up
Hasselblad with Digital back

Theses contact sheets were from the shoot I had captured. The sitters were my sisters and one was wearing a black lace eye mask, while the other wore a white lace eye mask, there was also another eye mask with sheer material. I also had another piece of material draped over the sitters shoulders, also I experimented with the veil and also a watch on a necklace.

Photographs (Web JPEGs) from the photo shoot:



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