Friday, 20 February 2015

Professional Studies - UK Photography Events.

In professional studies we looked at UK photography events, the main ones we looked at were:
  • Format Festival
  • The Photography Show
  • Photo London
Format Festival is an international photography festival that is held 13th March - 12th April 2015, the title of the festival is called Evidence. The location of the event is held in Derby and has a range of exhibitions, conferences and an international portfolio review.  One of the portfolio reviews were at 3pm, Friday 13th February. The portfolio reviews allow anyone who wants an opinion on their portfolio. Portfolios will be checked by other professional photographers and artists and it's £120 for 4 reviews of your selected photographer/artist for 20 minutes.

The Photography Show also has a range of events, talks and exhibitions, tickets can also be bought at a price to attend. There are also a trade shows held at the NEC, Birmingham 21 - 24 March 2015, the trade shows allow companies to talk about upcoming kit e.g, new camera's and can also be bought at the show leading to discounts on the product.

The photography show also has a student programme powered by Canon on Tue 24th March, 11.00 - 13.00. There are insights from recent graduates and it is suitable for final year A level students and university students only (18 and over).

21 March:
  • 11 - 11.30 - Neil Freeman, training manager Nikon talks about the Art of Urban portraits.
  • 12 - 12.30pm - Matt Hart, brought by Fujifilm talks about Street Life.
  • 14 - 14.30 - The Principles of Light.
Art of Urban Portrait:

  • How to shoot great portraits using speed lights on location.
  • Explore how to look at light and the ways to colour, shape and modify it.
  • Discover how to control multiple speed lights and work with flash gels to create urban portraits.
I would go to this even to learn more about how to create an urban portrait. I would also like to learn about how to work with flash gels. This event is powered by Nikon and feel that as I have a Nikon camera, I would also learn about the equipment and it's technicalities.

Photo London: Is a photography event set in Somerset House, London on 21-24 May 2015. The photography event is an international photography fair for up to 70 exhibitions including the world's leading photography galleries and publishers.

Vintage - contemporary produced by Candlestar.
In the exhibitors section, I was interested in the vintage section that shows who the work is by and also the location of the photo galleries that the work is presented in.

Tickets for Photo London will be available in March, there is a visit from Luma foundation that will present a public programme on an installation series set in the courtyard of Somerset House; late-night Music & Photography and a special talks programme featuring some of the world’s leading photographers. 

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