Thursday, 12 March 2015

Narrative Photography - Evaluation

The module, Photography and Narrative has allowed me to contemplate different ideas that could create an overall story. My original idea was to show a narrative of life through capturing a photograph of a baby and a 100 year old man, as explained in one of my blog posts, ‘Narrative Photography -Original Idea and New Idea’. As I wasn’t able to go ahead with my original idea, my new and final idea was to capture photographs on a road trip. As the assignment brief states that it has to be about an aspect of life within the North East, I decided to shoot a series of photographs while on a road trip throughout travelling the roads in the North East. Photographers I looked at were, Mark Power, Martin Parr, Panos Kokkinias, Paul Graham and Joel Meyerwitz. I had already thought of what I wanted to photograph while on the road and some of the photographers had also captured similar photographs to what I had in mind.

My road trip idea had to have a destination; this had allowed me to create my ending to the series of photographs. The destination was the National Trust Victorian house at Cragside, located in Rothbury, Morpeth, Northumberland. Cragside allowed me to capture photographs of the Victorian house, gardens and woodland. The route I had taken to get to my destination, being Cragside was from Newcastle A1 and up North to Cragside.  The journey allowed me to capture photographs of different roads, signs, petrol stations and cafĂ©’s that all allowed me to create my narrative piece. As well as photographing the destination I had also conveyed other photo shoots. The other photo shoots I had captured were captured at night along from Newcastle to North East coastline and South travelling to Hartlepool. I was able to capture photographs of the traffic lights that were more interesting and created better photographs in the dark at night.

The software I used to create my video narrative was, Adobe Premier Pro CC 2014. I had never used Premier Pro before, but I was able to use the software well. the camera format I used was a Nikon DSLR. As well as just keeping photographs in my narrative, I also added music instrumental You Found Me by The Fray and also at the very beginning of my narrative I had a car rev engine sound effect added. Overall, the software was easy to use and I was able to create my narrative successfully.

Overall, throughout this assignment brief I have been able to capture a series of photographs that created my narrative idea. If I was to do the photo shoots again I would try and visit all of the National Trust places in the North East and create a narrative on visiting each place instead of just one place. When on the road I had noticed that the road is almost a metaphor of life, with signs directing, traffic lights ordering when to stop and go and hills, bumps and smooth roads while travelling all symbolise parts of life. 

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