Thursday, 12 March 2015

Narrative Photography - Photo shoot: Night Shots.

The photographs I had captured to make up the start of my narrative were captured at night. I was able to capture photograph on the road showing all the lights that illuminate the roads at night. Some of the photographs have lens flare or are blurry, but I purposely kept those photographs in for effect. The ones that are blurry such as the 'Keep Clear' photograph was ironically captured blurry instead of clear to create effect. Also one of the photographs with lens flare from the green traffic lights, has a 'Bus Stop' sign painted on the ground, but the lights signify to go. 

The reason I chose the photographs I did for my narrative from the night shots were to show one part of the journey in the car being at night and transforming into day. The photographs of the traffic lights was symbolism of the stops and go in life. The bridge series of shots shows the changes of crossing over from one side to another. The signs I had captured also show how in life were are not always free, and are controlled or directed to go a certain way in life. 

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