Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Narrative Photography Research - Panos Kokkinias

Photographer Panos Kokkinias has captured a series of photographs that include photography while on the road, the collection is called 'Here We Are'.  The photographs were interesting to me because of the symmetry that has been captured throughout creating a theme within the genre.


This photograph was successful due to the depth of field, a shallow depth of field has been used to capture this photograph. The photograph looks from first glance, as though the photographer has just captured the usual photograph from inside the car. When looking closer into the image, there looks like there is a butterfly trapped, or maybe just resting on the windscreen wiper. Overall, this photograph is aesthetically pleasing and makes me as a viewer feel as though I'm in the car due to the point of view and angle.
This photograph shows off the symmetry throughout, showing both sides of the road to be identical. What interests me most is the arrow sign in the centre of the photograph, this could be the focal point, but then it looks as though it's pointing to the girl leaning against the wall. This makes me question weather the photograph was staged or not.

Again, with Kokkinias photographs, I have managed to spot symmetry. The no entry signs as there are a lot of them, further above them there red lights above the roof of a building. There is also human presents in the photograph, this is represented by the man standing with an umbrella and suitcase. The man looks in despair due to the way he's holding the umbrella. The fact that the umbrella is also inside out could mean that it was windy that day, but there is nothing else in the photograph to prove that it was windy.

Gas Station
Gas Station:
This photograph also shows symmetry as there is always at least two things in Kokkinias photographs that reflects the other. The photograph has been captured at night, with the lighting I think that capturing the photograph at this time was successful. The light from the gas station illuminates the ground around the central point of the photograph. Also the colours in the photograph work well together, the lady in the centre is wearing red, the car is yellow and the station is green almost giving off a traffic light theme.




Overall, the photographs have been interesting to look at and through analysing the photographs, I feel the ones captured at night were the most successful. The atmosphere captured at night gave the strongest impression to me, and I feel that these photographs worked much better than what they would have in the day light.

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