Thursday, 12 March 2015

Narrative Photography Research - Zen and the Art of Sandcastles

Zen and the Art of Sandcastles is a narrative video that lasts for 3:57, we watched this video as a class and was created by Ciara Leeming and Oliver Edwards. was the website that the video was made for, created by the two students who were then sent to Western Super Mare seaside resort. While they were at the resort, they had to create a narrative story and ended up creating a narrative of professionals building sandcastles and children building sandcastles. 

The audio throughout the video/slideshow played alongside the photographs that the students had captured. Two different types of audio played, one of a woman speaking who was a professional sandcastle builder and another of children and a parent speaking. The diversity of the audio's create interest in the video and work well with what's going on in the photographs shown. 

The sandcastles are temporary and the professional sandcastle builder thinks this is the best part, allowing the work to be destroyed and to let go of what took hours to create. The children and parent have a more relaxed attitude about it and also seem to think, by the audio, that destroying the sandcastle is the most exciting part. 

Overall, the video was interesting to watch, and the diverse range of both the two different audio's showing one doing this as a profession, and others doing it for fun seems to work well. 

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