Thursday, 12 March 2015

What Do Artists Do All Day? - Albert Watson

Alfred Hitchcock, Raw Goose by Albert Watson

BBC Four Documenting photographer Albert Watson on What Do Artists Do All Day? 

Watson at age 71 is still one of the worlds most successful commercial and fashion photographers. He is still working as a photographer now mainly capturing landscapes. From Albert Hitchcock to Naomi Campbell Watson had worked with models in US for over 30 years. He has worked with models for famous magazine companies, Vogue and Rolling Stones, photographing over 100 covers. In 1970 Watson used to live in America but is originally from Edinburgh and throughout the documentary it shows what it's like for Watson to be back in Scotland photographing landscape of the Isle of Skye.

Watson takes advantage of the October weather at 8:48am in the Isle of Skye. He said he doesn't want to take pretty pictures and rather likes to take different photographs. Also he has assistance helping him create mist and uses sparklers and fireworks to create his photographs. He creates impressions when photographing and even said so himself that 'colours when painting a lily pad aren't the same as the lily pad' and uses art as an expression. 

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