Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Landscape Research - Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky photographs are interesting due to the angle Gursky has captured them at. The point of view has mainly been captured from a high point. The landscape in most of the photographs have been captured from above the land, this could be an interpretation from the photographer, as this could have been the best angle to show off the landscape. 

The photograph below Greeley 2003 shows a landscape that was covered in cattle. The photograph has similarities to a photograph I captured on 5 x 4 film. 


The photograph I have captured below reminds me of the photograph Gursky has captured of the cattle on the land. I have captured horses while still managing to capture the landscape surrounding them. 

The photograph below was captured from a low angle, this was experimentation using the camera without a tripod. The angle created a different view to the photograph, as it was mainly captured from a cat eye view, rather than eye level or birds eye view. 

James Bond Island I

Dubai World I
In 1999, Gursky captured the photograph below of, The Rhein II and had become one of Gursky's best pieces that sold for a record $4.3 million. Though the landscape has been captured with leading lines running throughout it, the photograph seems bland as not a lot is going on within the photograph. 

The Rhein II, Andreas Gursky, 1999. 

The landscape below I had used a tripod this time, I was mainly focusing on creating the difference between the land, sea and sky. There were also wind turbines that I was focused on capturing, but the camera doesn't zoom in, therefore I had to capture them from the distance I was at. Overall, the photographs I have captured on the field seemed bland, hence them not being my finals. 

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