Friday, 15 May 2015

Landscape Research - Lewis Baltz

Looking at Lewis Baltz photograph, I can't help but see a narrative created throughout the photographs. I feel as though they have been captured along all one road and could almost create a panorama of an entire road from them. The photographs are interesting and all hold a peaceful mood to them. The photographs hold a very minimalists approach as not very much is really being captured within the photographs. The subject seems plain, and almost questions the viewer into asking, what are inside there buildings? What's behind that wall? It's almost like the photographer is shielding the viewer from seeing what's really going on. On the outside of the building there's nothing going on, but to question again, what is that building's purpose? Who visits? 

Alton Road at Murphy Road looking Toward Newport Center
Lewis Baltz, Deer Road between Daimler and Red Hill Avenues Looking South, from The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California, 1974
Baltz, Lewis. --The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California.
Lewis Baltz (American, b. 1945), Jamboree Road Between Beckman and Richter Avenues, Looking Northwest, George Eastman House collections. © Lewis Baltz.

East Wall, Western Carpet Mills, 1231 Warner, Tustin (1974). Lewis Baltz’s minimalist approach drew on contemporary art practice
The photographs I have captured in a field reminds me of the photographs Baltz has captured. The scene I have captured looks picturesque. The depth of field was focused in the distance creating a deep depth, rather than a shallow depth of field. The photographs have been captured in a pastoral landscape and this was experimentation to see the difference between urban and rural landscapes. 

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